Urbanism (Pre-Edit)

'Do You Think More Intelligently Than The Average Person?'

I’ve spent the last week getting to know Liverpool as a city, and what better way than to walk round like a tourist, camera in hand, and photograph the urbanism of Liverpool.

Of the 5 shots I’ve picked, I personally prefer the first image in the series. As you can tell, there have been no effects added to any of the photographs; only the settings on the camera have been modified before taking the final shot. The first image, even without any editing, is an incredible composition of light, colour, framing, and angles. If we were to define and adhere to the rules of composition, I feel like this photo in particular ticks a lot of boxes. I’m particularly proud of how much of a story this picture tells in such a small space.

While all the photos are taken in daylight, I think this worked to my advantage, mainly because the first image wasn’t so obvious by night, and was spotted walking home during the day: I just had to stop and document such an interesting feature of a standard Liverpudlian street. Now I’ve taken these photos I intend to look at the effects available to me in depth (no pun intended), and create more striking photos that pull the focus in another direction. However, as a starting point, I feel these 5 photos give me a lot to work with, while still being professional and suitable to my aim of ‘Urbanism’ with the minimal effects I had at my disposal.

         Alignment in Liverpool Juxta-position Myself Here      Work. Play. Public Transport Is So Over-rated.

(Click Images to Expand)


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