I Think You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Dryer… (Sequential Images)

An Unexpected Surpise...

Never trust a student and a washing machine might be a good phrase…

This week’s task was to explore narrative within a series of photographs (Sequential Images) and create a ‘comic book-style’ narrative. The narrative I looked at was ‘an unexpected surprise’ – I used my photoshop knowledge to date to create something much more unexpected, and surreal. And while I was at it, do my washing too… If only my Mother had employed that tactic whilst I lived at home…

The Process

The completed image started life as six individual photos, documenting the process of loading the washer, turning it, something unexpected happening, opening the door to look inside, and the final reveal. Photos* 1, 2, and 5 were left as is, while the rest had some minor and major editing done to them. Photo 3 was cropped to centralise on the washing machine door, and remove any details that may have been distracting in the background. For Photo 4, I removed all colour from inside the door, and left it blank. Then, I placed the ocean scene behind this image, masking all the white behind it, and making it appear to be what is behind the door. The shark fin was then masked with the ocean scene, and manipulated into the angle it’s at. Image six used the same process of removing the inside of the washing machine, and replacing with the ocean scene. Then, I created another layer covering half of the entire washing machine to create the effect of the shark appearing from inside the machine, creating a much more 3D effect, and a more believable one at that.

As always, thanks for looking, and I’ll have some more photography work up soon…Enjoy.

(* Photos are numbered as they are shown in the timeline of events)

© GBuxey 2014//TheRealDealShowReel


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