Tell A Story In 10 Seconds…Sell Your Soul In 15.

It’s finally here. The first VIDEO made as part of my degree. It’s been a long time coming

Very simple brief here. ‘Tell a story in 10 seconds’ – not as easy to execute.

The main difficulty in this task is being scrutinous in the editing suite, and cutting everything done to its most important. Quick, invisible edits. I think I managed to achieve this, by leaving out in-between shots, allowing the viewer to fill in the gaps themselves. Originally, it was soundtracked to an original composition recorded by myself to a single channel tape deck, however it was decided that it wasn’t fast-paced enough, and so ‘5’ by Three Trapped Tigers was chosen, and chopped instead. I think it suits the final product (no pun intended) quite well. Overall, this was a great beginning to what shall end in much longer productions. Maybe ones that don’t chip away at my soul quite so much too…

Actress: Beth Ceney

Director + Editor: George Buxey // Beth Ceney // Grace Bowmaker



One comment

  1. simulated · February 9, 2015

    This is an effective little edit…you are right to suggest that we can allow the audience to fill in the gaps I leaving us with a very economic edit. You could try tweaking it further, shaving a few frames here and there to see where the limit of intelligibility might be? You establish the narrative with a close up of ‘butter’ that gives the audience a clue as to what might follow…good technique


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