‘Mapping A Killer’

This weeks task was a very unique one: Using Google Maps, tell a story…

The Process:

Firstly, Google Maps is a very intuitive way of getting around. It adorns most smartphones, and it is literally impossible to get lost with a smartphone in the 21st century. Not only this, but Google Maps has also been used recently as a form of storytelling. I began by crafting a (dark) story, and plotting where the events of the story would take place. This then creates a timeline of sorts, and allows the reader to follow the story from point to point. Immersing themselves into the story more. On top of this, I also added pictures to each point, allowing further immersion, and more a 3D element to the story.

While I enjoyed this exercise, I do find its usefulness in any kind of narrative besides a ‘gimmicky’ or ‘inventive’ storybook would be limited. It only allows the same amount of storytelling as a novel would, with the addition of pictures.

To read the story and follow the map, click HERE



One comment

  1. simulated · February 9, 2015

    this is a well thought out narrative with some evocative images. Your comments regarding the limits of the map as a canvas for telling stories is fare to a point though if you can tie the narrative to the location and encourage the user to investigate the surrounds perhaps through streetview to augment the story then we begin to move towards a platform the veers away from the picturebook?


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