Good Karma // Bad Karma

Multiple days of filming. Some getting cancelled mid shoot due to rain, hail and snow. A lot of writing. A lot of Subway sandwiches, and RedBull. A wigs-worth of pulled out hair. A few days editing. Even more creating sound effects and level monitoring. It’s all culminated in one thing though.. MY FIRST SHORT FILM A four minute video warning of the dangers of what good karma can lead to; and what bad karma can get you.

The Process:

We began by brainstorming an idea for a character on the move from one location to another. We storyboarded the whole video from beginning to end, thinking about what camera angles would look good for certain scenes (The 180 degree turn when the main character looks both ways after finding the wallet) and how we would structure it in the editing suite.

First Filming Day:

A lot was accomplished on the first filming day. The bedroom, busking, and university scenes were filmed in their entirety. We struggled to keep the busking scene going as we had several members of public walking past, which would have upset the continuity. As well as this, the sun started to set (Winter for you…) as we were wrapping up the busking scene. In the editing suite we used this to our advantage as we used it as an ‘early morning sunrise’ scene, rather than one at the end of the day.

Second Filming Day:

This went less smoothly. While we did film the majority of the wallet scene, the wallet owner was wearing different clothes to the ones we wore in the busking scene, so we couldn’t film the ending for continuity reasons. Despite this, we did film enough to edit the majority of this sequence and know how to end it once we got back to filming. We also went to film the in-between ‘skateboarding’ shots. We managed to only film a few scenes before disaster struck. The skateboard basically snapped, and we were unable to continue filming with  the props we had at hand. Despite this, the footage already filmed was sufficient enough, and there was no need to reshoot, or shoot additional tricks.

FInal Filming Day:

On the final day, we filmed the ending to the wallet scene, and the car crash scene. We had to film the wallet scene as soon as possible as the weather was less than admirable. On multiple occasions we had to shut down the shoot and quickly take cover from hail, rain, and very strong winds. The concerning factor was the continuity in both the background and the actors being dry in one scene, and wet in the next. Luckily, it wasn’t so obvious, and I feel like we got away with it in the edit suite.

We planned the car scene in detail so we knew how to execute the scene without accident or damage. Originally we planned to film it in the street, or at least above ground, however, due to technical and safety limitations, we were forced to film it underground. We re-brainstormed and re-storyboarded the scene, including a transition to explain the main character’s decision to use the underground car park, and filmed accordingly. Everything went to plan, and no actors, cars or skateboards were harmed in the process.

The Editing Process:

As we had storyboarded the film from the start, it was very easy to piece it together in the editing suite. We chose a soundtrack that suited the feel of each scene, and felt the silence and background noise of the wallet scene was enough to add a sense of mystery and intensity. Overall, the edit was a success, and the final product was extremely close to how we first imagined it.

Filmed and Edited by Jonty Lendill, Pete Ohagan, Francis Harvey, and George Buxey Acted by George Buxey, Pete Ohagan, and Jonty Lendill Sound Effects by Mike Whiting and George Buxey



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