An Open Letter to Kaley Cuoco, Who Has Been a Bit of a Bellend [An Opinion Piece]

Personally, I’ve enjoyed Kaley Cuoco’s work in the past. Her teenage role as Bridget in 8 Simple Rules (RIP John Ritter) and her most famous as Penny in The Big Bang Theory have both been, not revolutionary, but played with diction, and an obviously great acting ability. However, this seems to have had a detrimental effect on her sense of ‘what ‘NORMAL’ women deal with’ (Something that I don’t personally know about) due to the attention she receives (rightly so) for her acting ability, and obvious good looks. While not as outlandishly detrimental as other teenage ‘icons’ (Culkin, Cyrus, Bieber to name a few) it still means that on an issue she SHOULD have a lot to say about (her status means people actually LISTEN to her!) she has very little. Claiming that ‘it’s already been achieved’ clearly shows a lack of understanding for what the non-famous women in the world put up with. It’s 2015, and pay levels are still not equal unless you’re signing $1million plus deals with your fellow co-stars.

While this piece may seem a little volatile, it raises several good points. Particularly the quote below:

‘I’ve never been forced into marriage, but I still care that it happens. I’ve never been assaulted at work, or looked over for promotion because I might ‘do a baby’ in the next decade. But I still care that it happens, and most of us do, because we are living breathing humans with empathy. ‘

This perfectly encapsulates my feelings towards being a ‘male feminist’. I obviously do NOT know first hand some of the trials and tribulation women deal with (and never will I ever), but mainly as an emphatic human being.



This has been said a million times before; and no doubt more eloquently and with more conservative use of the word bellend. But the fact of the matter is, that if you, as a male/female/any of the glorious things in-between, refuse to call yourself a feminist, then you are being a bellend. With that in mind, Kaley Cuoco’s recent comments about feminism (in an interview with Redbook magazine) make her look like a bit of a prat. It isn’t really her fault; she’s obviously uneducated on the topic, and it isn’t up to her to lead a feminist revolution. The fact is that feminism is currently having a ‘moment’ (see Beyonce, Chanel), and every famous female now gets asked their views on the subject. So here’s an open letter to her to prepare her for the next time she gets asked. It worked with that guy who…

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