So (Tom De)Long to the ‘Creepy ‘Dad’ Sex Joke’ Band.

I remember being 15 like it was yesterday… Well, actually, it was 5 years ago. But I still remember the person I was trying to be, and especially my music tastes. I’d started to (re)discover bands my older brother would play when I was about 5/6. Bands like Glassjaw, Deftones, Rage Against The Machine, and Blink-182. My first experience of Blink was as a Kerrang! VIDEO CASSETTE TAPE. (yes. They did exist) ‘All The Small Things’ was one of the many music videos adorning the tape (I vaguely remember there also being Rammstein and Placebo on there. Strange mix..) Anyway, so I began finding my own music tastes at this age, but began with what I knew. And Blink were a simple option. Not complex. Not ‘out there’. Just simple chords, and funny lyrics.

I reached 16 and I stopped. Those ‘dick jokes’ and ‘sex jokes’ just weren’t so funny anymore. It’s target market is the mid-pubescent teens who don’t like pop, and don’t like metal. A happy in between. But I just stopped listening. Turning instead to Deftones (Who are still a favourite today), At-The Drive In, The Cat Empire (My first live experience), and others. I just tired of what Blink were about, which at the root was..Dick jokes. They weren’t funny. They were incredibly predictable – The Status Quo of Pop Punk chords. And just really boring. So when I heard the news today that ‘Tom Delonge‘ was leaving, I asked myself: ‘They’re still going?!’. I knew they’d reformed, played Leeds Fest twice, and released an album that didn’t really seem to turn any heads; but apart from that, I just thought they’d given up. Evidently not. As a 20 year old music fan and player, I detest those who claim ‘Blink 182‘ and ‘Green Day‘ are their favourite bands ‘EVURRRR’ and actually adorn the tshirts like a Pop Punk solidarity badge. There must be people who give me the pretentious look, wearing my Sonic Youth tee, playing my Jagmaster, but I can honestly say..At least Its interesting?! For someone my age to still relate to that ‘scene’, and fangirl over Mark Hoppus and his pop (punk) message just shows a little immaturity. They were edgy at 15. They sung about blowjobs but they sounded like Pop. They’ve reached their mid 40s now, and it all just seems a little…creepy.

If you still identify with their lyrics then please.. Stop. I understand ‘childhood nostalgia’ but some things are nostalgic for reasons, and should be left well alone. It may have been fun at 15, but at 20, it’s just.. not. It’s incredibly misogynistic, and ‘frat boy’ humour. The kind only 14/15 year old boys find funny.

Please. Leave it alone. And don’t weep for their breakup. See is as a relief. No more creepy Dad ‘sex jokes’. And if it turns out to be a hoax, I will be wholeheartedly disappointed.


Please continue to enjoy the music you do. My opinions are just that – If you find something in Blink-182 that I don’t then please don’t take my writing as a call to stop enjoying them. Just keep supporting music in anyway you see fit.

Buy the CD. Go to a show. Buy a Tshirt.


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