When Bears Break In…

For the last three weeks, we’ve been working on Stop-motion animations. While I may be no Pixar animator, I gave it a pretty good shot

The Process:

We began using Stykz, self-teaching ourselves how to make the figures move and take the frames. I began by recording a video of myself walking across the room, and tried mimicking the leg movements on the stickfigure, in an attempt to make the walking animation look realistic. I feel like I was 90% there, but with a little more practise, I could make it more fluid, and smooth.

I also spent some time recording footstep sound effects with some heavy shoes, late at night in my kitchen, and loops this to create a more in depth animation. I also found sound effects from ‘freeSFX.co.uk’ which is my usual first stop for professional, free sound clips. It was finally all assembled using Adobe Premiere, and viola!

Thanks to Francis Harvey for his help in creating the animation. It was passed between the two of us, and so I cannot take full credit!



One comment

  1. simulated · February 9, 2015

    The animation is a great attempt at creating a mini drama….the process of observing/filming your movements to emulate is a great one. The strange perspectives add something for me…the beauty of animation is that anything is possible; have a look at early Felix the cat to see how surreal can work to comic effect.
    The sound works very well; perhaps add some sounds for stick man to augment surprise, fear and the placating of the bear?


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