How To Handle People (Or How I Learnt To Stop Worrying And Love Bad Nightclubs)

This week we’ve been looking into Interactive Videos, using Youtube as a starting point. The idea is to give the audience the capacity to advance the narrative however the wish (given the choices) and create their own ending. Personally I thought this worked out really well. The choices were diverse, and opened up different dialogue, and endings (something we were encouraged to do.) What I didn’t realise going in was how long it would take to FILM and EDIT the different options into a simple timeline that can be advanced without much interruptions.

ANYWAY, You can enjoy the story HERE, and a word of warning – Try not get punched in the face by the weirdo in the wig (As my Mum told me she had done..)

The Process:

The video was roughly planned in advance, with minor attention paid to shot styles, dialogue choices, and gaps of time for choices to be made, but it was mostly a ‘act, and see what happens’ process. This inevitably gave us much more interesting dialogue from the characters as ‘spur of the moment’ things. We filmed the main action in order, starting with the main character reading in his room, and then being interrupted by housemates playing loud music elsewhere. In an effort to make sure we shot every possible scenario without forgetting any options, we stopped when we’d reach a crossroad, and decide which two or three options would be presented, and then film them one by one. Following the recording, I used Adobe Premiere to edit the videos into sequence.

Uploading to Youtube:

Once the videos were complete, I had to add annotations (the boxes that would advance the narrative). This meant perfectly syncing the point in which the option took you to in the narrative; and any exterior videos for the finales. This took some time, as the original annotations ended too soon, meaning you’d still see the choices just before it switched to the next point in time.

Thanks to Francis Harvey for acting, ‘scripting’, and editing the project.




  1. simulated · March 31, 2015

    this is a fun drama that does engage in a strange kind of way and there’s the tension of wondering whether we’re going to get punched again. Perhaps it would have worked more smoothly by editing all on one timeline whereby the annotations select a moment on that timeline. This might add to tension as we begin to learn that if we leave the main timeline…the inevitable is going to happen


    • bouchet94 · April 1, 2015

      We considered using a single timeline, however, we found that with the multiple end points, it was difficult to establish the video was over for the audience, and not have the video then start playing an alternative end point (If they chose not to close the video down/retry). It also meant the video would have been an extra 4/5 minutes long if we added a lot of dead space to allow the user to make a final decision – restart/close the video


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