Go Back To Those Gold Soundz – 5 Things I Wouldn’t Mind The New ‘Pavement Announcement’ Being

Pavement have always been a mysterious and nonsensical band – Wacky lyrics, bizarre choice of singles, and a complete lack of interest in recognition. They’ve heightened our interests again though, after reforming for a tour in 2010 (Way before I’d even heard of them) but kept it to just that. 5 years later and they’re teasing again – reclaiming their (pretty defunkt) FaceBook page, and posting nostalgic photos and memorabilia. But what does it all mean?! Here’s 5 things I hope it could be…

Pavement Biography // Stephen Malkmus Biography

It seems to be all the rage lately. Kim Gordon and Carrie Brownstein both releasing tell-all books, so why shouldn’t Pavement/Malkmus get involved? Let’s face it, with lyrics like ‘“Heaven is a truck // It got stuck // On the breeze!”who knows what a Malkmus biography would be like, or how easy it would be to read, but for a guy who’s had both a successful band and solo career, as well as practically creating the slacker-indie vibe, it’d be pretty interesting to read his story. Likewise, for anyone who’s seen the Slow Century documentary, the Pavement story is a nonsensical, and frankly hilarious one.

A New Album!?!?!?!?!

Stranger things have happened. And bigger bands have kept recordings a secret for longer. With the last ‘Jicks’ album released last year, that scratch in Malkmus’ head could be itching to get writing and recording. Spiral Stairs hasn’t had any output in recent years, and Mark Ibold hasn’t been seen since touring with Sonic Youth prior to the split in 2012. It’s been 15 years since the last Pavement album, and now they’ve grown up (maybe?) they may be putting old squabbles behind. Spiral Stairs was brought out with Malkmus during a few American dates last year for the Jicks tour to play a few old Pavement tracks. Could this be the sign something NEW is happening?

A  Tour

Like I just said, Malkmus and Spiral played together as recently as last year, and it’s clear they STILL know the old songs. With the 20th Anniversary of Wowee Zowee (The ‘Grass Smoking’ album) just passed, it could the second coming. Possibly playing albums in full too. Pavement have always loved playing the UK (and we love them playing here in return), so the possibility of them playing here again is rather high. Especially if they release a new album, they’d have some new stuff to play too…

The Wrestling Match To End All Wrestling Matches

For those in the know, Malkmus and Co. have had a feud with Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins for a while now (mostly Corgan’s feud with himself), after they referenced the Pumpkins in ‘Range Life’. It’s known that Corgan also bought a wrestling company a few years back, so maybe it was the message to Malkmus that he wanted to end the feud ONCE AND FOR ALL. Who wouldn’t want to see two grown men WRASLIN in tighty…blackies..?

A Remastering Of The Last-ering Album…

The only album NOT to receive the ‘double-album, remastering’ treatment is 1999’s Terror Twilight. It’s 16 years since it’s release, but Pavement are the last band to do things by the book – last of all adhering to decade expectations! TT was a gem, and there’s bound to be demos, b-sides, and live tracks from the last tour to fill up at least 20 Disc 2 tracks.

So that’s what I thought it could be, and what I’d like it to be. Disagree? Want to see something else from Pavement? Let me know in the comments below!


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