Dave Baggett: How did they fit Crash 1 into such little memory space [Answer]

Crashy News

Crash 1 beta, Provided by Unseen64 Crash 1 Beta, image provided by Unseen64

Wonder how Crash 1 is such a technical feat for the PSX?

Here is one of the things Naughty Dog did in order to fix Crash into the PSX, hence being smaller than many of our MP3 music files!

Dave Baggett’s answer:

Here’s a related anecdote from the late 1990s. I was one of the two programers (along with Andy Gavin) who wrote Crash Bandicoot for the PlayStation 1.

RAM was still a major issue even then. The PS1 had 2MB of RAM, and we had to do crazy things to get the game to fit. We had levels with over 10MB of data in them, and this had to be paged in and out dynamically, without any”hitches”—loading lags where the frame rate would drop below 30 Hz.

It mainly worked because Andy wrote an incredible paging system that would swap in and…

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