Final Production Outline

Having explored the different outlets of modern Creative Media, I’ve been particularly drawn towards ‘split screen story telling’. While not as advanced, or technical as the other mediums available, I feel the process of editing a split screen production is most appealing to my skill set as an editor.

Using several screens at once has a rhythmical quality to it, and I’d like to explore the rhythm of the edit. My production outline includes a subject using every day objects that when edited in a certain way, will create a piece of percussive music. Originally I foresaw a ‘day in the life’ type narrative, of the subject walking about their daily life, however I feel this will be too complex, as it was rely on the general public doing things in the background to create percussive sound. Thinking of my own experiences, I have decided to develop a ‘boredom’ narrative, in which the subject finds their own entertainment by tapping on keyboards, throwing balls against walls, and using other objects found in their room to create a percussive rhythm. I considered using something melodical, such as a guitar, or keyboard to create an actual melodic song, but I felt that if someone was typically bored in their house, they’d tend to do something more ‘oddball’ and different with their time, as they are clearly bored with their usual entertainment.


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