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Greetings and salutations. My name is George Buxey, and I am a Media Production student at Liverpool John Moores University. You’ll find all my coursework on here, and some thought pieces about my experiences with ‘Media’. so please sit back, and enjoy my Liverpool/Media vision. I’ll get back to my own time eventually…

If you’d like to see my Photography or Videography then click the box on the right, or click on one of the links below! Thanks for stopping by.

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First Year is nearly over, and here is my Showreel of all the favourite parts of my work this year!

Considering I only had a maximum of a minute to show off 7 months of work, I chose the photography and videography tasks that challenged me the most, and was also the most creative in its output.

My intro sequence was mainly created to give the showreel a sense of connection, and not just some clips thrown together. I feel the ‘loading screen’ idea makes it seem as though there is a vast amount of work stored (Much like a large hard drive). As well as this, the animation of the loading screen showed my prowess with After Effects, as well as my ability to create media outside of the typical photography or videography.

I showed the progression from Photography tasked at the beginning of the year, to the final Videography piece I did (Motion Typography). I feel that by putting it in this order, I showed how my work improved from task to task, but also only using the best segments from my videography content. I started with my Mystery and Illusion exercise which, at the time, was one of my first forays into using Photoshop, and while it was obvious, it was still a well executed piece, and I managed to use ‘mystery’ to cover some sins in terms of layering and shadow. In the showreel, I also animated this photo so that it wasn’t just a still image, and the effect this created was mysterious in itself, but also captivated viewers with a moving still. I used the very first non-Photoshop exercise as I felt it showed I have the knowledge of photo composition, and while I have the photoshop skills, do not need to rely on them to execute a well taken photo. This too was animated in a way that revealed the photos in the order that I had placed them in my blog – focusing on the final photo by itself. Showing two side by side saved time in the showreel, but it also made the first 4 photos seem of equal value, while the singular photo at the end was the one of higher importance.

After this, I used my favourite videography tasks. The Interactive Narrative demonstrated my use of new technologies and ‘storytelling’ to create new media. I highlighted the options within the narrative and simulated the viewers experience by placing a white box (in a fashion that looks like it’s been selected) around the selected choice. Personally, this was my favourite output this year, and demonstrated a multitude of software and narrative expectations I’ve learnt this year. While I found the stop-frame animation the trickiest task, there were moments in there that I felt were executed well, and so by picking this segment I left out other parts in which the walking animation wasn’t quite right. This still demonstrated my ability to create a stop-frame animation, but to a higher degree than had the audience watched the whole 45 second animation. Finally, I ended with my most recent task (showing how the progression has ended), the ‘8 Rules of Fight Club’ Motion Typography task. This showed my grasp with more complicated programmes, and I picked a segment of this video that I felt had the most action, and demonstration of my abilities.

Overall, the showreel shows how much I’ve developed my grasp of editing software, and narrative to create different, experimental, projects, while still being of a high calibre.

You may be wondering what the image actually IS on my landing page..The picture is an art installation by Fabian Oefner, exploring the ‘nexus between science and art.’ This particular image is the result of glowing ends of a fiberglass lamp swirling to create a likeness of stars and galaxies using long exposure photography. In a way, I believe this perfectly encapsulates photography and videography in general. The process of capturing an image, or a video is quite complex, and scientific in its use of cameras, its lenses, the physical operation of a camera, electronic camera internals, and the process of developing film in order to take and develop pictures properly. If you’d like to see more of Oefner’s work, there’s an excellent TEDx article that you can read HERE!


One comment

  1. mark · October 8, 2014

    your magic and illusion image is graphically very strong…you have a dramatic action and the composition works very well. I can imagine this as a moving image (something to try later perhaps?). The use of depth of field )covers some sins) has helped the illusion ‘work’ as has the shadow, though i might tone this down a little, it is a little too dark and perhaps some soft shadow from the butterflies might add something. Your commentary is great…keep it up


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